Don’t Let Holiday Stress Get You Down 

With all the holiday festivities there can be a lot of good times, but holiday stress is certainly a very common occurrence. The holidays can also be very demanding with so many more commitments and deadlines that it all can add up to holiday stress. Having stress at any time of the year can be a problem and cause adverse effects on your health if it continues for too long a period or becomes overwhelming. But holiday stress is especially demanding.

How to cope with your holiday stress: 

Get some exercise by going out for a brisk walk or undertake some other physical activity. You don’t need more than 10 minutes of activity to help you snap out of your holiday stress!

Find a solution by learning more effective ways to problem-solve. This will help you better cope with your holiday stress.

Learn some skills to help you relax such as meditation and mindfulness. You can employ these skills to help you handle holiday stress. When you get good at it you will better manage your stress and even learn how to avoid it.

Be more open about expressing yourself because it is not good to keep your thoughts and feelings bottled up. Doing this will increase your holiday stress. Be respectful, but speak up and share your thoughts and feelings. If you do this politely, yet firmly you will feel your holiday stress levels coming down.

Use time-management by making lists of everything needing to be done. Make concrete plans for facing issues and stay with the plan as much as possible to bring down your level of holiday stress.

Think positive thoughts because stress can often be caused by negative thoughts and self-criticism. Focus on thinking positively about yourself and those around you. Be grateful for what you have and don’t dwell on what you may be lacking.

Have fun by all means no matter how pressured you may feel from your schedule. Take some time for yourself and plan something enjoyable to look forward to and this will relieve some holiday stress.

Enjoyable Activities

Studies have revealed that someone’s mood can improve just by adding a few enjoyable activities to their schedule. Here are some suggestions for enjoyable activities to help you manage your holiday stress levels and create some fun and variety in your life.

Make plans for a minimum of one enjoyable activity a day, even if it is only for a few minutes.

Strive to enjoy the simple pleasures, like walking your dog in a favorite area, or doing the crossword puzzle in the newspaper. All you need is to plan a small break in your routine to escape from the holiday stress.

Add some variety to your day. Mix things up! Do something you don’t usually do in order to interrupt the grip of holiday stress.

Make it easy by seeking out the simple pleasures in life that you don’t really need to prepare for and that don’t cost any money. Just going out to enjoy the scenery, the smells or some music will make a big difference in your holiday stress.

If you can’t think of anything different to do in terms of activities, recall what you found enjoyable in times past.

Here are a few ideas of easy activities you may find enjoyable that others have done to better cope with their holiday stress, but remember your focus needs to be on what YOU might find enjoyable:

  • Stop by a park on the drive home from work for a walk by the lake
  • Go for a leisurely ride
  • Pick flowers and put them in a vase to enjoy
  • Stop driving for a few minutes, pull over and enjoy the view
  • Sit outdoors and watch the birds, butterflies or any wildlife
  • Go online to find the rankings of your favorite sports players or teams
  • Take a warm soothing bath
  • Phone an old friend to catch up

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