Mental Health Resources Reviews

Treatment for Depression and Anxiety

Every client treated in our intensive outpatient programs completes a number of rating scales and client reviews of their experience with us.

At the time of this posting, 1,000+ patients started our intensive outpatient program and provided Mental Health Resources reviews, ratings and feedback.  According to these 1000+ clients, as you can see below, our average customer Mental Health Resources review score is 92% satisfaction.  Mental Health Resources review highest scores, (95% on both “Would you come back?” and “Would you recommend the program?”), indicate that clients would certainly come back to our intensive outpatient program if needed, and they would not hesitate to recommend a family member or friend to our intensive outpatient program.

However, don’t just take our word for it.  A recent international review1 of over 2,000 client satisfaction studies of treatment programs found that 27 met their rigorous methodological inclusion criteria. Our dual diagnosis treatment outcome and treatment satisfaction study was included in this international systematic review of client satisfaction. This independent, international review found that our overall treatment satisfaction was among the highest in the world!

We have listed some of the representative Mental Health Resources reviews from our past clients below. As you can see, our clients highly recommend our program, are highly satisfied with our treatment and with their personal successes in treatment.  If we can help you, please give us a call.

MRH’s Total Client Satisfaction Scores

  • Would you come back? 95%
  • Overall satisfaction 93%
  • Services helped 93%
  • Satisfaction with amount of help 90%
  • Recommend the program 95%
  • Extent program met your needs 85%
  • Kind of service 90%
  • The Quality of Service 93%
  • Average CSQ score 93%

0 = Very Unsatisfied; 100 = Extremely Satisfied
Average Satisfaction Score = 93%
(* = based on 1000+ returned feedback froms)

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“Thank y’all for giving me tools and confidence to not only start over, but to have a better quality of life.”

J.C. November 23, 2016

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“It was painful at times, but I learned so much I can now say I enjoyed the program very, very much.”

T.W. November 23, 2016

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”MHR has helped me a great deal. I will continue to use the skills and share with others.”

N.W. November 23, 2016

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“This program was very helpful. I loved meeting all the patients and counselors and I believe this program was very helpful.”

E.A. November 23, 2016

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“I feel so much better, more involved, more optimistic, more energy.”

E.G. November 23, 2016

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Because our treatment for depression relies on evidence based practices, our Intensive Outpatient Program shares many common methods with other successful treatment methods. The foundation of our treatment program for relies on the principles of the stages of change, cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused treatment, skills training and identifying repetitive dysfunctional behavioral relationship patterns to promote recovery from depression and other mental health disorders. In fact, our Intensive Outpatient Program in Memphis, TN that has been proven to be effective in the treatment of these disorders in six peer reviewed treatment outcome studies. Our treatment center provides services to those who need more treatment than one hour a week, but less than 24 hour care, by providing three hours of treatment per day, three to five days per week, in an intensive outpatient setting. If you or a loved one is showing signs of depression or anxiety, they should be assessed by a trained mental health professional who can help design a treatment plan for depression that can result in recovery. Treatment for depression and anxiety can be highly successful. Call us at 901-682-6136 to schedule an appointment.

1Schulte, Meier, & Stirling. Systematic Review of Dual Diagnosis Satisfaction