Anxiety disorders are quite common and occur in 18% to 28% of the US general population during any 12-month period. There are many different types of treatment for anxiety and panic attacks, so if you suffer from this difficult and disabling condition, never fear. Although anxiety and panic attack are really very serious problems, treatment for anxiety is very successful. Nevertheless, if you have been suffering from panic attacks and anxiety for a long time, you can feel quite hopeless. This can make people start to give up on finding a cure that works for them, which is probably the worst thing that can happen to someone who is already living in fear.

The type of treatment for anxiety that you receive may depend on the kind of expert who you consult to treat your symptoms. Many doctors are able to write prescriptions for medications and although these medications can really help reduce anxiety and panic attacks, typically they are not enough in and of themselves. Often, treatment for anxiety and panic attacks requires more than medication. Sometimes, a deeper look is required – one that goes all the way to the root of the problem, and not just to the surface.

Psychotherapy is one of the leading treatments of anxiety and panic attacks. It is often combined with medication to provide a two pronged approach to helping whoever is suffering. It works like this: the medication helps reduce the anxiety and panic attack symptoms so that the person can more calmly reflect on what is beneath the symptoms. Therapy or counseling seek to get to the root of the anxiety and panic attacks to provide the kind of help that will eliminate the underlying irrational fears.

However, when these traditional treatment methods do not result in the desired results, more intensive outpatient treatment for anxiety may be required. Don’t let fear rule your life. If you are looking for mental health services and want to undergo a transformation, our intensive outpatient program has proven to be successful with many anxiety disorders, including panic disorder and post traumatic stress disorder. If you are suffering from debilitating anxiety that is interfering with your ability to live and enjoy life, give us a call at 901-682-6136.